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Den Brook Wind Farm became fully operational in November 2016.

The wind farm has an installed capacity of 18 megawatts of renewable electricity. This is sufficient to meet the annual average needs of approximately 9,000 UK homes.*

It also delivers direct community benefits to local people in the form of a £108 annual electricity discount for properties within approximately 2.3km of the turbines, plus a Community Fund of £36,000 each year to support local projects.

From the end of May through to the end of October 2018, there may be extended periods of time when the wind farm is not operating as normal. These downtime periods are a result of a request from the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to curtail the site to 0MW output to facilitate planned maintenance works on the electricity grid. This work is taking place off-site and does not relate to Den Brook Wind Farm. Den Brook Energy Ltd are continuing to work with the DNO to minimise the impact of planned maintenance works with a view to returning to normal operations as soon as possible. We'll continue to provide updates via the website as necessary.

* The homes equivalent has been calculated by dividing the wind farm’s predicted energy yield of 37,550MWh by the 2013 UK annual household energy consumption data published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (4.128MWh/household/year).